Monday, October 12, 2009

Make-Over Monday .... Chips Ahoy!

It was a Movie Marathon at our house this weekend, because first it was a long weekend with Monday being "Columbus Day" and reason two was it rained most of the long weekend. At our house when we watch movies we like chips and dip and so this weekend we thought we would try a lower calorie and lower salt chip. We made Sweet Potato Chips.... (I think they are our new favorite snack!)

To make enough chips for four adults, we peeled 3 medium sized sweet potatoes and sliced them very thin. We fried the chips in vegetable oil heated in fryer to 350*. We let them drain on papertowels and lightly salted them to taste.

Sweet Poato Chips have 140 calories per serving with only 9 mg of salt  -vs- Regular Potato Chips that have 150 calories per servings with 180 mg of salt.

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