Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking forward to 2014... happy New Year!

As we stop and reflect back on all the many blessings that our bountiful Pantry has welcomed us with during the past year, we look forward to restocking the pantry full of goals, ideas and recipes for 2014. We have gained a sense of order and budget wise menus, packed with lots of nutritional choices for a awesome guide to a healthier lifestyle.We would like this to become a over interactive blogsite where all FOODIES can come and enjoy hanging out!

This next year we would like to offer the following Daily Guide here at the Pantry...

MONDAY MADE-OVER ---- (Where we take a recipe and do a complete makeover to gear it for a healthy life choice, without skimping on the taste of the traditional treat.)

TUESDAY'S WITH DORI ---- (Where we follow the suggest plan of spending the time with Tori Greenspan and Friends, website: "Tuesday's with Dorie")

WEDNESDAY's Words of Wisdom--- (This will be a new feature where we will post a picture of a food item and the first person who posts in the comments what it is and what you would cook with it, will win a prize from the Party... This is a bit of fun to help us all expand our food Knowledge.... Everyone is invited to play!)

THRIFTY THURSDAYS ---- (Where we combine "Blog Hoppers" (2nd & 4th) and the "Five Dollar Dinner" Challenges (1st & 3rd), to help us stay on budget and freshen up our cooking skills.

FRUITFUL FRIDAY ---- (Where we will be featuring Favorite Family recipes and Home Storage Ideas that have helped to fill our bountiful Pantry)

SUPER SATURDAY ---- (Where we will be posting educational and starter recipes, along with some cooking 101 skills sets to help not only the basic cook but even the seasoned chef.)

SUNDAY ---- For those of you who are new to our site... Reminder: The Pantry is dark on Sundays!
We are God fearing, church going people who, enjoy a day full of sabbath blessings, family time and everyday, over-the-counter snacks !!!!!!

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