Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Tuesday's with Dorie"... Popovers

I am so excited to get back into the swing of things with the "Tuesday's with Dorie" Group. I have been out of the loop since the group changed books and website formats. I seem to have got lost in the shuffle, but I am so glad to be back... I have missed cooking and chatting with everyone.  So to Celebrate, I think that it was only fitting that I "POPOVER" to the new way of doing things.... :)

My family loves popovers and I remember watching my mother make them a few times. I remember getting a new stove when I was younger and this new stove had a light in the oven, I remember sitting very patiently waiting and watching for the Pops to popover. We had to set quiet, gentle and very still.... lol, hard to do for small ones, but it was always a big hit when they started to flip.

 Many say that popovers are just the Americanized version of  "Yorkshire pudding", but for us at the Pantry, we love ours served with butter and warm maple syrup or filled with fresh blueberries and cream...


  1. They rose beautifully! Maple syrup and butter, that´s the way to eat them!

  2. Glad you could "pop" back in with this recipe. Great looking popovers!

  3. Warm maple syrup sounds like a wonderful idea with these!