Monday, March 31, 2014

"Around the World in Eighty Days".... Challenge

In home school, one of the favorite classes my Boys and I enjoyed the most was our "Life Skills" class. The class is pretty self-explanatory. But one aspect of the class is learning how to cook and so every spring since then, we have decided to center our first eighty days of cooking from around the World.story entitled And we thought it would be fun to share our creations here with all of you.... So starting Tomorrow, April 1, you will be able to enjoy a little bit of what we are discovering in our trips around the world.

If you would like to join us in our challenge, please let us know by posting it in your comments or sending us an email. The challenge is very simple.... Every Friday at the end of our Recipe we will also be posting where we are going next. The challenge will be for everyone to choose a recipe from that country or region and make it and share it on their blog. Post a link to it in your comments or by email and I will add them here, so that we can all share in the travels.

We are looking forward to all the fun.... and invite all of you to join us in our "Around the World in EIghty Days" cooking trip! (we will be using "ATW80DS": in our titles, so that you will know it is part of our challenge.)

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