Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toss Together Tuesday's

As most everyone knows "Tuesday's with Dorie" has come to the end of the book, but not the end of some fabulous recipes, friends or cooks. So in the interim, here at the Pantry, we have decided that we are going to dedicate Tuesdays as "Toss Together Tuesday's". Because of our busy schedules right now, our time in the pantry on Tuesday's is very short. We have found ourselves feasting on yummy left-overs or in-taking the quick grab and goes from the freezer. Sometimes yummy, but not good for those of us who are trying to lose weight or eat healthy.

So starting next week we will be featuring a new week day special... We would love to have everyone play along. These are the rules:
  • You can't think about or plan the meal or food item ahead of time.
  • You have to use what you have, you can not go to the store. 
  • Using fresh stuff from your outside garden is okay.
  • The whole meal or food item can only take 30-40 minutes to prepare from start to finish
  • Try to make it as low-cal as possible.
  • Post each Tuesday in comments with a link back to your post.

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