Tuesday, June 9, 2015

TWD: "Baking Chez Moi" - Chocolate Cherry Brownies

So the big question of the day... When you cook or bake, are you a methodical baker/cook or a spontaneous one? Do you spend days drooling, thinking and planning out the excuation of your recipes or do you spontaneously say "that sounds good" and make it on the spot?
Today for our "Tuesday's with Dorie" challenge the recipe was Chocolate Cherry Brownies. And like most of the recipes on Tuesday, I spontaneously find myself drooling over the recipe challenge of the day. I have learned through the years that if I spend to much time in thought about a certain recipe then chances are I will talk myself out of it. Most often, I see, I drool and then I conquer a recipe all in a matter of minutes. So I guess, I am a spontaneous baker, except when I am in French Chef mode and then I linger, I compare and I savor both the art and the flavors of my french dishes.

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