Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lunch is served!

I love experimenting with all the different things that you can put into a sandwich... And a couple of weeks ago I was asked to come up with a simple lunch that fit into the "Back to School" theme for a group of ladies/friends at my church. I wanted to make them something fun, easy and yet had a gourmet flare to it. So... In putting my thought together for all of this, I thought it would be fun to take fun and regular sandwiches that we make for our kids and fancy them up a bit...

My menu thus developed into three different sandwiches made with those new little round flat sandwich bread from Arnold's Bakery (you can by them at Sam's Club or Walmart). The sandwich that I am featuring today is the....

"Twisted Club"
*Ham (3 slices)
*Cheddar Cheese (1 slice)
*Turkey (3 slices)
*Swiss Cheese (1 slice)
*Apple (1 round slice)
*Bacon (3 slices - cooked)
*Tomato (1 slice)

We served the sandwiches on small plates in a brown paper bags with a side of fresh fruit.


  1. so, let me get this straight, you're going to virtually cook lunch for me every day!!? lol - this is beautiful - what a lovely blog. I can't wait to see what else you'll come up with!

  2. looks delicious! I need to keep my eye out for that bread so I can change things up in our house. Thanks for sharing this fun sandwich