Sunday, April 20, 2014

"ATW80DS" - Religion in the Islands

The ancient religion of Hawaii incorporates hundreds of deities as well as magical and animist beliefs. Hawaiians worshiped both in their homes and in open-air temples called heiau and ruins of these temples are still visible on all the islands. The largest were heiau waikaua, or war temples, at which sacrifices occurred. Chief gods were Ku (god of war and male fertility), Kane (the creator and chief god), Lono (god of thunder and agriculture), and Kanaloa (god of the ocean and winds). With the arrival of other immigrant groups, particularly early explorers in the early 1800s, ancient Hawaiian religious practices disappeared completely. Today, many Hawaiians practice Buddhism, Shinto, and Christianity, which means that religion in relationship to their foods have changed a lot through the years. Foods with purpose and meaning are still a big part of their holiday celebrations.

 AND Just as a FYI... For those of you who may be joying us for the first time or maybe new to the Pantry Life. The Pantry is and will remain dark on Sundays! We are God fearing, church going people who, enjoy a day full of sabbath blessings, family time and everyday, over-the-counter snacks !!!!!! :)

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